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"Inspired by the Soul, Written from the heart"
About Mel

Mel has always been passionate about storytelling and how stories impact readers and provide a pleasurable escape into fictional worlds. From rich details to simplistic or compounded plots, she loves diving headfirst into the research, investigation, and production of the stories she feels are worth writing about. She is interested in sharing a small piece of her soul, her creativity, and art with readers everywhere through each story she writes. Thank you for being here to share in her journey.

Shattered Into Ascension


Mel's been working on this latest release for quite some time now, around the demands of life, health challenges, and raising two demanding purebred German Shepherd puppies. She truly appreciates your patience while she finishes writing the series. This 2nd book in the A Surviving Soul series has been started, deleted, and restarted numerous times over the years. But, it has been coming together like pieces of a puzzle, much like Sylver's discoveries. From the research to the characters to the surprises along the way, it has been turning into a fascinating undertaking, which she couldn’t be more pleased about. Though it's not quite ready for the masses, yet, edits and rewrites continue so that she's able to get it in your hands. Stay tuned for its release.


A huge thank you to every reader I've had the honor and privilege of meeting during previous signing events.

Y'all rock! See you all again very soon. xoxo ❤️ Mel


Published Works


A Surviving Soul Novel Series, Book 1

A witch. A Vampire. A forbidden love.



A Less Is More Series, Book 1

“If all you can do is crawl, start crawling. Soon, you’ll be able to stand. First, just crawl.”



A Less Is More Series, Book 2

You can never love another until you love yourself first.



A Less Is More Series, Book 3

One person brought them together in life, tore them apart by her death, and reunited them in her memory.

“Kitten, you are the beat to my deadened heart, the light of my soul-less soul. You are seriously the only one that was ever made just for me. You are my ‘light’ – my everything. You are mine.”
Zander to Sylver, Shattered Into Beautiful
“I wished for you on every shooting star when I was little. Now, if I  gathered all of the stars I wished for you on, none would ever shine brighter than you. You are my shooting star, Ren. You are here with me walking this beach. I may have fucked up, but I swear to you, to God, and every star in this sky that I will never give you up.”
Stefan to S 'renaty, ShameLess

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