Love is tested and faith hangs on by a thread.

One person brought them together in life, tore them apart with her death, and reunited them in her memory. 

Now, one more person has the power to leave them all … BreathLess

Mel Ballew reconnects you with the characters you’ve grown to love in ShameLess and FearLess. In this sweet novella, get a glimpse into where they are now. 

One major life event occurs on a day of the year that is already special for them and will transform their lives, change life as they know it, and alter all of their futures. One life will forever bound these characters hearts and lives, like never before.

Travel with S’renaty, Stefan, Tucker, Tania, and Jade as one small person has them struggling for hope, learning to have faith, but leaves them all completely BreathLess…