One Thousand Wishes


Everyone deserved love.
Some fought the acceptance of it while others just plain refused it.

I had always been a fairy tale believer waiting for my happily ever after. I had been that woman who held onto her childhood rose-colored dream. Until one fateful day ended that fantasy.

Reality crashed in around me, suffocating me with its truth. For me, life and love could not mix. Period.

Everyone deserved to dream. For a lucky few, wishes came true.

Truthfully, I had always dreamt of a man like Evyn St. Croix – a man who recognized who he was. Successful, but humble. Confident, but not too arrogant. Broken, but worth fixing. Strong, but sensitive. From the way he took his coffee to the way he drank his whiskey. Even down to that tiny scar in his dark eyebrow resting above those penetrating blue eyes. Or the way his jaw tensed when he was upset. They were all enough reasons to want to love him. Perfectly imperfect. Evyn had his own reasons to refuse to love, but he was someone worth saving. 

For someone else. 

He was irresistible and relentless. Evyn was everything I never felt I deserved, and everything I should avoid. He claimed I was his wish of a lifetime come true. He had to be wrong. 

If it took my last breath, I would help him realize some dreams are only meant to remain wishes and, for people like me, wishes did not come true.